Special session

A special session was organized to honor Joseph S. Perkell’s contribution to the field (Joseph PerkellSpeech Motor Control GroupSpeech Communication GroupResearch Laboratory of Electronics at MIT)

Watch Joseph S. Perkell
Watch Joseph S. Perkell

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Joseph S. Perkell

Joseph S. Perkell

Five decades of research in speech motor control: What have we learned and where should we go from here?

In this talk, I’ll try to expand on my response to the frequently asked cocktail-party question, “So what do you do for a living?” My response is usually something like, “I study how the brain controls movements of the articulators so people can produce speech to communicate with one another.” This is often followed by a contemplative pause and then, “Hmm… That’s very interesting… So what have you discovered?” To which I respond, “Well, it would probably take a half-hour or so for me to give you a reasonable explanation.” Since I’m very rarely given the half-hour or so, I’ll take advantage of this opportunity to describe briefly what I think have been some important developments and discoveries in speech motor control and our laboratory’s contributions to them. I’ll finish up by presenting my ideas about important future directions for speech research.